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A Heart-Healthy Porterhouse Steak? PDF Print E-mail
Written by walquis   
Saturday, 06 November 2010 21:12

We've been taught for decades that fat is evil, saturated fat is especially evil, and animal fat (being supposedly high in saturated fat) is virtually the devil himself. Watch out for fatty steak, for bacon, and especially for lard!

But is this conventional wisdom actually true?  In spite of the hundreds of millions of dollars of research dedicated to proving this hypothesis, the results stubbornly refuse to support it.  John Tierney of the New York times discusses how such a massive and long-lived cascade of error is possible: How the Low-Fat, Low-Fact Cascade Just Keeps Rolling Along.

Now, back to juicy steaks.  The following analysis is paraphrased from pages 168-169 in Gary Taubes' "Good Calories, Bad Calories".

CustomLog directive in Apache, with cronolog or logrotate PDF Print E-mail
Written by walquis   
Thursday, 28 October 2010 20:50

My colleague asked for checkout records this week of an employee who gave 2-week notice--what he checked out, and to which IP.  I had the records, but they were in different files and wild to join.  Turns out there is a built-in field for hostname in the Apache CustomLog directive.

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