A Trip to the Quarry

Excerpts from DES update…Rene’s tour, a trip to the local quarry, and Aric’s FB.

In early July, our own Rene Duquesnoy began serving a tour of duty in Kuwait for six to eight months with the Air National Guard. We send a package his way every handful of weeks. If you want to send something, let us know.

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Lifespans in Genesis

When I first began reading the Bible, a major barrier to belief for me was the fantastic length of life ascribed to the patriarchs in Genesis.  I soon realized this issue was not only my struggle.  Hypotheses abound to explain these apparent conflicts with reality.  It seems well-meaning Christians, in seeking to resolve stumbling blocks to their faith, have created much larger stumbling blocks for non-Christians!

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My cousin Nick wanted to harvest our corn last week. Cash corn was $2.96, not too bad. But… The PL (“Price-Later”) fee was 90 cents per bushel (last year it was almost free); apparently the gulf ports want upstream elevators to hold onto their grain for awhile, due to logistics challenges imposed by Hurricane Irma. Word is that if we leave it in the field for a month, PL will drop by 35 cents.

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August 2015: After two and a half years of sporadic effort, I finally got around to taking (and passing!) the VFR private pilot oral/practical exam. As part of my preparation, I flew a cross-country solo trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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Chris Walquist

What I’m up to now: Working thru the Bema Podcasts

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